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Relevant and diligent research recommendations. professionalism-respecting integrity of participants. Independence,objectivity of research recommendations. Research recommendations and advice with full loyalty, prudence and care. Disclosure to the clients, the significant limitations & risk involved in trading forex and investing.

Distinction between opinion and fact in presentation of research recommendations and advice. Preservation of confidentiality- keeping the information about current, former and prospective clients confidential unless, the information concerns illegal activities, disclosure is required by the law, client itself permits the disclosure. DOMIFX PRO is dedicated towards client satisfaction and client retention.

We wish to build very long term relationship with our colleagues, clients, prospective clients, participants associated with us.

How Our Copy Trades Works

DomiFX Pro CopyTrade System allows you to copy the trading positions of another expert trader, called the strategy manager. The beauty is that you don’t need any knowledge of forex trading before you can make money from forex market.

DomiFXPro strategy managers have a wealth of experience in the markets, with tried-and-tested strategic trading decisions. Once you decide to follow and copy our trades, we do the trading that will lead to potential increases in your capital.

Let’s say you fund you trading account with $1000 and you started following copying the trades of our strategy manager who make $200 profit on his next successful trade. Through DomiFX Pro CopyTrade’s system, the Strategy Manager earns 40% of this profit, while you add $120 to your initial investment for a total of $1120. Without as much as lifting a finger, you’ve earned a tidy sum. Not bad, right? Get Started Now


DOMIFX PROs is best at research and is dedicated to adding value to Client’s portfolio. It consists of team of dedicated workforce. This dedication and motive to serve clients and prospective clients and create value helps DOMIFX PRO Services to fetch best of results and performance comparatively on the forex global market. DOMIFX PRO is built on foundation of trust, transparency, faith, commitment and dedicated hard work.

How Our Signal Services Works

Subscribe to our premium platform, access weekly setups and market break downs, daily signals for both forex, crypto, metal, commodities and indices (7-12 daily signals depending on market activity and volume)

  •  Trade Signals with SL and TP
  • Weekly Market Breakdown
  • Downloadable eBooks
  • Trading Plans/Journals
  •  24/7 Professional Support
  • Trade Signals Comes With Supporting Charts!
  • Average weekly pips, 1,500!
  • We also provide, trading consultancy, gold trading, crypto,indices and account management services.

Price $29.99/mo,$89.99/3mo,$149.99/6mo, $499 lifetime!

Payment options: Bank, BTC, Skrill & Paypal.

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Our Trades Overviews
Oct 2019

Our CopyTrade returns cross above +64.32% for October 2019..

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In my 1yrs 6mn of trading forex, i have blew my account many times, but since i discovered DomiFX Pro Trading Signal Service, i have been making consistence profits for the past 3months plus. Very accurate signals and supportive team.
Faith Johnson
- Nigeria
Been picking DomiFX Pro daily signals for 2.5months, i have not experience loss, i am glad to be part of this professional service provider
John Larson
- John Larson

almost lost hope in forex trading until i was informed by a friend about DomiFX Copy Trading after some SM lost my money, but i gave it a trial with $200. Today i have in my MT5 $1,580 after 4mnt of compounding. Glad to know you folks.

Matt Brandon
- Matt Brandon
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