From 25th October – 8th November.

Start copying any Master Trader and get 50% boost to your investment profit!

This is a great way to reward all copiers

  • The Bonus amounts 50% of the funds invested at the beginning of copying a Master Trader.
  • The Bonus can only be applied once with a single Master Trader within the dates of the promotion.
  • The Bonus cannot be applied to the ongoing investments.
  • If the equity of your account becomes less than the bonus size, the Bonus is cancelled.
  • The Copier can cancel the Bonus manually in the Copier Area.
  • The Bonus is cancelled when the Copier stops copying the Master Trader.
  • After cancellation, the Bonus cannot be applied again or reactivate.
  • You can withdraw part of your profit by using reduce investment button.

If you just want to start copying a master, then register here