Earn by Copying The Success of Our Trade Without Trading Yourself

At DomiFXPro, we use OCTAFX Copy-trading service to give our clients the opportunity to automatically copy our trades and forget about long hours of building your own trading strategy and diversify your trading portfolio. Consistence profits our watchword. We trade and share profit with you.

(60% for clients) & (40% us)
On Weekly Profit.

How it works

Create an account and make a deposit to start copying our trade

Sign up by clicking the join copytrading botton, it is one easy step and make a deposit to your wallet via any payment method you like, Naira|BTC|Skrill|Neteller etc. If you already have funds in your trading account at OCTAFX, you can add money to your wallet from it using Internal Transfer. Your wallet balance shows your un-invested funds.

To start copying us, click here to get video guide.

Follow DomiFXPro the best copy-trader

Find DomiFXPro as the Copy-Master you want to follow and click ‘Copy’. Our positions will be copied automatically. The deposit percentage setting will help you manage your portfolio. Try us, with our different strategies to trade in the global market, you will know we are the best for you to make daily profit for you in Forex market!

Copy DomiFXPro Trades- Monitor and profit!

With DomiFXPro as the Master to copy you can create a balanced and diversified trading portfolio and receive a stable income. You also have full control over the process and can modify/stop copying trades at any given time. You can view detailed trading statistics for copied Master Traders in your Copier Area.

As your Master Trader- We do not have access to your funds, our trusted broker share profits with us weekly without any hassle. 60% of whatever we make in a week comes to you while 40% will be paid to us by OCTAFX. Isn’t this amazing?

DomiFXPro -The most profitable trader to follow
You don’t have to be an expert in Forex Market to earn daily
Stable income for you with your diversified portfolio
This is a new tool that helps traders earn additional stable income by copying us- A more experienced trader.

Learn from the best- DomiFXPro

Easy entrance to the Forex market for newbies.

Diversify your portfolio

Choose DomiFXPro – The Master Trader to follow from a large number of professionals.

Enjoy fast order execution

Your order is executed less than 5ms after the original one.

Keep everything under control

You can stop copying, unsubscribe, or close a trade anytime.

Set it running in a few quick steps

No additional verification required.

Enjoy fast order execution

Deposit as much as you want and enjoy Copytrading

All Benefits Of Copy Trading In The Mobile App!

  • Focus on investing with a convenient OctaFX Copytrading app
  • Control your portfolio and investments on the go
  • Track DomiFXPro -The Master Trader you can trust and our performance is there to speak for us
  • View how your funds are invested and manage risks in real time


How do I choose DomiFXPro As My Master Trader?

The first step is to sign up, fund and verify your account, log in to your click on copytrading, look at your right corner and search for DomiFXPro, you will see our stats include gains, commission, trading pairs that we use, profit factor and order directions. Before copying you need to set a deposit percentage and choose the amount of funds to invest in your copy-trading.

CopyTrading Settings

DrawDown percentage
How to copy orders

Please choose proportionally with the drop-down menu and 50% 

How does copying work in terms of volume and leverage differences?

The volume of the copied trade depends on both Master and Copier accounts’ leverage and equity, and is calculated as: Volume (copied trade) = Equity (Copier)/Equity (Master) × Leverage (Copier)/Leverage (Master) × Volume(Master).

Example: Master Account equity is $500 and leverage is 1:200, Copier account equity is $200 and leverage is 1:100. 1 lot trade is opened on the Master account. The volume of the copied trade will be: 200/500 × 100/200 × 1 = 0.2 lot.

Do you charge any commission for copying DomiFXPro?

OCTAFX doesn’t charge any additional commissions—the only commission you pay is (DomiFXPro)Master’s commission, which is specified individually and is charged in 40% of the profit made weekly.

What is a deposit percentage that I must choose?

Deposit percentage is an option that you set prior to copying that helps you to control your risks. It can equal any percentage from 1% to 100%. You set this parameter and new trades won’t be copied if the current equity goes down by a set amount (20%) from your balance according to the following formula: Our advise is 50% and proportionally (see FAQ 1)

You can also modify it as you like while copying our trades.

Can I withdraw while copying DomiFXPro trades?

Yes, you can use reduce investment botton to withdraw part or all your weekly profits. You can also unsubscribe and stop copying the trade at any moment. When you unsubscribe, all funds invested in copy-trading, and any profit from copying return back to your Wallet.

Before unsubscribing, please make sure all current trades are closed.

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